Joining Freemasonry

Joining The Freemasons in Croydon

A rewarding experience which is open to all men aged 21 years or over

Joining your local Masonic Lodge in Croydon is a rewarding experience which opens up many opportunities to make many new friends. Not just for you but for the whole family.

Croydon Lodge of Endeavour meets four times per year during the months of February, April, June and October.

There are many activities including quiz nights, BBQ’s, Ladies Nights and many other social gatherings for all the family to enjoy.

Making Good Men Better Men

Freemasonry has something to offer every man

Why Join?

Freemasonry brings together men from all walks of life, backgrounds, religions and race.

It is a Fraternity based on integrity, tolerance, kindness, honesty and fairness.

Ask a Mason what it means to be a member and you will discover a varied response as it means different things to each of those who join.

For some it’s about creating new friendships.

For others it’s about being able to help deserving causes and supporting local charities or becoming a valued member of the local community.

But for all Freemasons, it is an enjoyable, fun and rewarding activity.

Meet a few Freemasons.

Phil Warne joined Freemasonry about 4 years ago when some years earlier he discovered a family member was being cared for by the Royal Masonic Benevolent Institute. Read Phil’s story here………

53 Years service to Freemasonry. A member of the same lodge where his father was also a Freemason. Barry is also devoted to the scout movement. Read Barry’s story here……….

Dan is a serving Prison Officer and a former Royal Navy Physical Training Instructor. He was introduced to Freemasonry after attending a Ladies Night with his wife where he was introduced to members of his local lodge. Read Dan’s story here……….

Thinking of joining? Get in touch with our Lodge.